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Jul 8, 2012 8:30am PDT
for joining us this morning. >>> we have a lot of news to cover in the next hour. and the high-speed rail is it that bridge in the future or not. >>> also tied with the senator about his proposal to change the makeup of the family. >>> and world news as well the first the local headlines. another warning for beachgoers after war for an attack by shark and santa cruz county a great white shark took a bite out of a fremont man is kayak and left behind a reminder on how dangerous are waters might be. he was off of pleasure point and shark magic between 14 and 18 ft. long and tossed the butter at the crackle he was fishing and left a tooth behind in the boat. luckily the fisherman was not injured and other local fisherman say in it's a reminder in the waters we are on the sharks turf. greta we know they're out there tossed in to see that they're actually in they're looking for food and the business took the kayaker for something to eat. grill police issued a text message alert after the attack had visine people to be careful when getting into water. a race for our rocky who died in accident
Jul 14, 2012 7:00am PDT
us next. happy birthday to a veteran barber in marin county, he is 90 years old today. his secret to long life, next >> good morning everyone, we have the forecast as eyewitness news continues. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> he has been keeping people in marin county looking good since the end of world war two but with more than a quarter million customer service, a local legend is sitting in milestone. it looked at the life of the barber of san anselmo. >> i cut here, i am a barber >> every weekday since 1946, mel bridges has come to this barbershop >> i came to work for a guy who was run in an ad and i went to work. then i bought him out one year later >> he still owns the barber shop in this weekend he turns 90 and has no plans to slow down. he has one drink per day and says the secret to longevity is sleeping and eating well and giving hair cuts >> a good day is probably 15-20 >> around 262,350 hair cuts over the years. >> i'm starting to get the hang of it now >> as he got older he needed help so he brought his kids in >> i'm 59 >> in addition to the barber shop they also raise horses a
Jul 1, 2012 8:30am PDT
in colorado and summer taking advantage of evacuated homes. thanks for joining us this morning. >>> a lot of news to cover in the next hour work everything from high speed rail into the questions about internet privacy and questions of stop and frisk and comes to san francisco the lot of controversy bring about a discussion the mayor had about that and several new law's clinic in effect today. >>> but first friends of the missing dodgers fan a man falling into the bay area are reaching out to the public to help. >>> they're trying to find closure of for his loved ones. the left at&t park after the giants and dodgers came on monday night and they're walking near pier 30 and 32 when he vanished. there's thought he may have fallen into the date he had been drinking and cannot swim in the official search found nothing and it was called off on tuesday. >>> for our friends and family it's been very rough but we've been trying to stay strong and pull together and the outer to support his family. a can even imagine what they're going through this point. >>> the hand out fliers and hard about
Jul 15, 2012 8:30am PDT
back the fight over a new cigarette tax is 8 30 sending july 15th thanks for joining us this morning. >>> a lot of news to cover in the next half hour and one of the stars will be here the chairman of the california republican party party who will answer that question. >>> also talking about a plan to take to the voters the issue of setting training of the reservoir with a lot coming up but first breaking news. >>> police and the rest of the suspect in connection with the shooting in a carjacking last night. >>> investigators say that the 22 cult storage ring after you stop and suspicion of driving a stolen car police returned fire locally known was injured its new video of last its crime scene officer say he stole another car at gunpoint from a nearby apartment complex on cambridge drive and that he eventually abandoned the vehicle and escaped a police search on foot. at around 7:00 this morning authorities took a man into custody related to the shooting they could not confirm whether or not it was him with more details as they become available. >>> a firefight is heating up in
Jul 21, 2012 7:00am PDT
may 2nd july 6th. three of them were used in the shooting spree. a 40 caliber pistol and smith and wesson smell of semi-automatic assault rifle which could be fitted with extended clips. a 12 gauge shotgun was also used. the fourth gun another 40 caliber pistol was recovered from its car. yes it had nearly 7000 rounds of ammunition and several large volume clips and a single magazine that could hold 100 rounds. he bought them on the internet. and the nation's political leaders are taking a break from the campaign rhetoric as they react to the deadly events in colorado. >>> the federal government stands by necessary to bring this was a sponsor for this heinous crime to justice. we will insure the safety of people and will stand by our neighbors and car rental to this extraordinary difficult time. >>> cannot confront evil cannot comprehend. order hold on to our american family more tightly. and present the selling condolences to those were killed and wounded. >>> the house speaker charles plans to talk about the economy. in the man police responsible for the massacre is the grand
Jul 29, 2012 8:30am PDT
to shut down a wide u.s. attorneys and the owners with jill time. >>> voting rights to the heart of a new legal challenge the debate over the photo id requirements at polling locations. thanks for joining us this morning. >>> welcome to the c. w. network with a lot of news to cover the next hour but first of developing new story. >>> an amber alert in effect right now for a teenage girl from monterey county. she's from san are no 16 years old or working and getting a picture of her right now but we know she's five-foot five with 1 1/3 pounds and last seen wearing a blue and white shirt pink jacket the jeans and sandals. the suspect is what miguel salazar jr. one of 55 ft. 8 in normally wears eyeglasses and of looking for a blue chevy tahoe with a license plate number of six and w 54124. >>> new questions about party bus safety following a deadly accident in santa clara county. >>> and the 25 aluminum fell out of the bus and got run over and died in lost status on friday as the bus was headed south on highway 17. the people returning to santa cruz from a concert in mountain view. two w
Jul 7, 2012 7:00am PDT
corrupts. decked out and pink want to fight breast cancer and san francisco. they get for joining us wall street and main street search for signs of hope in the u.s. economy in that did not happen experts say the past three month test in the week is job growth. and when the unemployment rate was up 822% last month bottom-line no change from the main number is employers added just 80,000 new jobs are fewer than economists had predicted. loophole president obama's signed legislation that prevent student loans from dublin. it's not enough just to keep construction workers on the job better way for months i have been calling on congress to take half the money were no longer spending on war and used to do nation- building. the president still refuses to change course. his dublin down on policies that are holding us back and making things worse. start with this health care law which is driving up costs and making it harder for small businesses to hire workers. obama's insists there's plenty of work to be done and their hundreds of thousands of construction workers ready to do it. >>> there's a
Jul 28, 2012 7:00am PDT
not let ms slow him down and more on the bike trip across the u.s.. and i can give a hand to couples to get their hands and marriage. >>> did saturday morning the last set of the month of july and looks like we have a major weather pattern changed all and when the day to expected as eyewitness news continues. ,,,, calling all romantics. he can't get enough of what it insists we have a job for you it doesn't pay anything but the alameda county clerk's office is looking for people to perform civil marriage ceremonies reporter don ford talk to some land to volunteer and say i do. the this is no justice of the peace civil services our performance by volunteers kevin dean says he needs more. >>> were not looking for cheap labor were looking for it enthusiastic individuals said want to perform marriages. >>> we're gathered here today for the purpose of uniting in marriage. jett has been a volunteer for seven years. no repeat customers yet that she's seen other things. dick weights to be faithful thomas were together in the brad says i can do that and the groom says i can't do that. and
Jul 22, 2012 8:30am PDT
kids specifically is convinced that the return shooters because it didn't occur to any of us that the boats are coming from the walls. >>> the rat of the theater with the wounded young man who performed an incredibly selfless act. >>> he started waving the paramedics and punch to the more injured victims so he waited for a while for ambulance and the rest of the kids got in there to cars and out of their before the police cornered off so they got back to the hotel by about 1245 which is weighted in the lobby into the kids got there and by that time they were all crying and shaking and we were all crying and shaking and the hotel was just wonderful. >>> people keep saying how lucky she is. >>> i feel grateful that my daughter is safe and if you guilty in weird because there are some the other parents who are grieving reno. >>> her family asking the obvious question she has a not so obvious answer clear my family to do coming home and said no and no one not going to give him the power to take that away from us so were renting a car tomorrow and driving into the rockies and
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9